The City of La Verne’s districting mapping tools are live online and can be accessed at Residents are encouraged to draw their communities and where they think the council district lines should be so that they satisfy the legal requirements of equal population while representing La Verne’s unique communities and their interests.

In light of the delays in receiving the State of California adjusted Census data and related challenges, it is important for La Verne residents to remember that they are able to submit proposed maps through the beginning of November. For consideration by Council at the November 1 hearing, resident-proposed maps using:

  • The paper mapping tools must be submitted by October 22.
  • The online DistrictR tool must be submitted by October 25 at 8 a.m.

Maps can continue to be submitted after these dates, but would then be reviewed by Council at the following districting hearing on November 15. For this final districting hearing, resident-proposed maps using:

  • The paper mapping tools must be submitted by November 5.
  • The online DistrictR tool must be submitted by November 8 at 8 a.m.

For those residents who do not wish to utilize the online mapping tools, the paper kit mapping tools are also available at La Verne City Hall for pick up. Residents can use traditional pen and paper to draw where they would like to see the City’s district boundaries and submit them in-person to City Hall. Another feedback mechanism available both online and in printed form at City Hall is a Communities of Interest Worksheet. Residents are encouraged to use this worksheet to explain the City’s various “communities of interest,” or areas where residents share a common social or economic interest. This could include areas around school districts, the foothills or near the downtown area. The City’s demographers will use this information to ensure, if requested, that these communities are grouped together within a district as much as possible. By providing feedback on these communities of interest, residents can ensure that communities are grouped together in a district and, therefore, have a stronger voice on La Verne City Council.

The final two districting hearings will be held on Monday, November 1 and Monday, November 15 at 6:30pm, during which the City Council, along with the demographers, will discuss communities of interest, revise resident-submitted draft maps and discuss the future election sequence. At the fourth and final hearing, Council will select a final district map.

Residents may attend the remaining hearings in-person at the City Council Chambers, or at the La Verne Community Center if capacity is reached in the Chamber. In-person attendees must follow all COVID-19 State and County protocols, such as wearing masks. Virtual attendance will also be available and have the same capabilities as in-person attendees, in which residents can view the demographer presentation, ask questions and provide feedback on the draft maps as well as on the City’s communities of interest. Residents wanting to virtually attend the upcoming hearing must register via Zoom by noon the day of each hearing (links will be made available on the districting website). For those that would like to watch the hearing virtually but not actively participate via Zoom, the hearing will also be streamed live on the City’s website.

To learn more about the City’s districting process, access mapping tools and view submitted draft maps, please visit the City’s districting website at

Read the full bilingual press release here.